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Imagine stepping through an alchemical portal that takes you into a profound experience of self-love.

A conscious realm for connection, adoration, and embodiment.

A sacred container that is free of fear, shame, guilt, and anything that disconnects us from our truth and power.

Imagine being seen, heard, felt, and embraced for who you are at your core, your authenticity, and your passion—being seen in your sacredness, divinity, and magnificence.

A portal where we give ourselves permission to experience unconditional love—where “proving ourselves worthy” to experience love does not take place.

A safe space where we release, heal, and transform what is holding us back from embracing our potential. What else is available in life when we say yes to us?

Imagine healing relationships and how we connect to our intimacy, sensuality, and sexuality. What else is possible when such healing is available in life?

Sol y Luna is a Tantric Shamanic portal. A retreat experience with a festival vibe. Our intention is to create experiences where we come to embody our divinity.

Sol y Luna is an immersion where we learn to master self-acceptance, self-love, and self-allowing.  Imagine the benefits which intimate relationships gain from such experiences.  A more open heart and being emotionally available are just the start.

Sol y Luna is a sacred space to heal emotional and sexual trauma; we return to our innocence, our self-trust, and our power. We offer a safe and comfortable container to dive deeper into our healing. We receive support from our community because together, we heal.

At Sol y Luna, we come to remember the power of rituals and ceremonies. We remember our connection to our higher power and our purpose through rituals. We come together to raise our vibration as a collective and create magic in our lives through ceremonies.

What’s available when we surrender to unconditional love and our divinity? Together we breathe into what’s possible and create the impossible.

Sol y Luna is a safe gathering for learning, practicing, and embodying Tantric Shamanic practices. We create a space free of judgment to learn various topics regarding Sacred Sexuality, Tantra, Shamanism, Relationships, Polyamory, and Conscious Kink/BDSM.

What is not Sol y Luna?

Even though we are a container free of judgment—to learn even more about creating great intimate relationships, including our sexuality—we are not a sex-oriented experience. Sex is not allowed in community gatherings, including ceremonies, rituals, and workshops.

Sol y Luna is ready to welcome you March 21st – 24th 2024

Sol y Luna festival was a deep dive into conscious BDSM and tantra kink for me! As a bodyworker and coach, practicing tantra and BDSM only privately before, I was inspired to expand my practice and share more with the world.

Heather H.

Sol Y Luna expanded my heart and uplifted my soul. I can be very picky about where I feel safe enough to be sexy or to reveal my vulnerability. I felt supported to do so without any pressure. Thank you!

Francesca G.

I came to make a deep connection and you all created a container that allowed for a richly playful space that felt safe.

Hans M.

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