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Welcome to Sol y Luna, where we’re devoted to crafting enriching and transformative experiences for families of all sizes.

In the whirlwind of modern life, nurturing and sustaining relationships can be an uphill battle, especially with children in the equation. It demands unswerving commitment, meticulous planning, and a reservoir of resources to carve out those cherished moments of deep connection as partners, all while navigating the terrain of nurturing and raising our beloved kids.

However, the stark reality is right in front of us: our existing relationship paradigms are faltering, and the consequences are acutely evident in the lives of our youth. They bear the brunt of fractured relationships marked by dwindling commitment, empathy, passion, and love.

Let the numbers tell the tale:

  1. The Marriage rate in the United States decreased by nearly 60% over the last 50 years. The marriage rate in 1970 was 76.5%, and in 2023 is at over 31%. (National Center for Family & Marriage Research)
  2. 37.6% of all marriages in the US end in divorce. That’s 1 out of 3 married couples who end up in divorce. (Institute for Family Studies)
  3. 85% of people get divorced because of a lack of commitment. (Bureau for Social Research, OSU)
  4. 20% of couples break up during the 12 months after welcoming their newborn.
  5. According to statistics on children of divorce, roughly half of all children will see their parents’ marriage break up. (CDC)
  6. 21% of children are raised without their fathers in America. (Census Bureau)
  7. 7. 28.6% of single mothers live in poverty (USA Census Bureau)
  8. Children are more likely to experience behavioral issues if parents divorce when the child is between the ages of seven and 14. (Marripedia)
  9. Children with divorced parents are twice as likely to attempt suicide. (Science Daily)
  10. Children with divorced parents are four times as likely to have trouble fitting in. (City University of New York)
  11. Teenagers whose parents divorce are more likely to experience mental health issues. (Verywell Family)
  12. Therapists indicate that some children of divorced parents are likely to develop positive personality traits—resilience. (GoodTherapy)
  13. 70% of prison inmates incarcerated for long-term sentences grew up in broken homes, family separation statistics reveal. (US Department of Justice)
  14. Children are at a greater risk of living in poverty if their parents get a divorce. (MDRC)
  15. Children with divorced parents are twice as likely to drop out of high school. (National Library of Medicine)
  16. There is a link between divorce and a child’s academic performance. (Marripedia)

Which of these statistics ignites a spark of change within you?

For us, parents of young children, the heartbreaking truth is that 20% of couples part ways within just a year of welcoming their precious newborns.

What could possibly be the triggers for this?

The research underscores that dwindling intimacy, communication breakdowns, and incessant arguments top the list.

Becoming a parent is a seismic transformation, a journey that reshapes our very essence. The moment we cradle that innocent life in our arms, an indomitable bond forms—a pledge to protect them from harm and shepherd them toward a vibrant existence.

But where does that fervor dwindle over time? When does the spark fade, and how do we find ourselves entangled in conflict that reverberates not only in our lives but also through those of our children?

The transition from self-care to the intricate dynamics of partnership is profound, revealing layers of self-discovery. Consider the profound insights that emerge when it’s no longer solely about you and your partner but about the intricate tapestry of life as parents.

Parenthood is perpetual; your legacy is immutable.

Regrettably, today’s world often leaves parents to navigate this path alone, distanced from the warmth of familial and communal support. Financial limitations aside, it’s the scarcity of familial and communal backing that carries the greatest weight, magnifying feelings of isolation—arguably the most disheartening aspect.

What went awry? A question we grapple with as we teeter on the precipice of frustration, yearning to be seen, heard, and understood. Aching to reconnect and rekindle the magic that once united us.

Where did love dissipate? When did we falter in our commitment to our little ones? We wrestle with these questions as we strive to shield our family from becoming a statistic.

At Sol y Luna, we fathom the intricacies of parenthood. Guided by a woman who’s weathered her share of trials, we comprehend both the struggles of harmonious and strained relationships.

As the adage goes, “It takes a village to raise a child,” and we wholeheartedly embody this sentiment. We’re steadfast in our commitment to providing couples with children a sanctuary wherein thriving relationships can flourish, even as their children learn, play, and bond with kindred spirits.

Sol y Luna transcends mere sanctuary; it’s a community fostering healing, transformation, and a more profound connection for couples, especially those navigating the labyrinth of parenthood’s challenges.

In establishing a secure haven at Sol y Luna, our Wonderland Kids and Teens Camp is steered by carefully selected facilitators and volunteers, each meticulously vetted and subject to background checks. Guided by trauma-informed leaders with educational or medical backgrounds, our programs guarantee that all Wonderland facilitators and volunteers boast Pediatric First Aid and CPR training.

If you’re a couple with children or single parents, we invite you to join us and secure your family tickets today! Your voyage towards rekindled relationships and deepened intimacy commences here.

Sol y Luna festival was a deep dive into conscious BDSM and tantra kink for me! As a bodyworker and coach, practicing tantra and BDSM only privately before, I was inspired to expand my practice and share more with the world.

Heather H.

Sol Y Luna expanded my heart and uplifted my soul. I can be very picky about where I feel safe enough to be sexy or to reveal my vulnerability. I felt supported to do so without any pressure. Thank you!

Francesca G.

I came to make a deep connection and you all created a container that allowed for a richly playful space that felt safe.

Hans M.

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