Lucia, I wanted to reach out and thank you and acknowledge you for everything you have done to create this amazing event. You are truly so inspiring to see your powerhouse self in motion as you navigate so many parts. From cooking the chicken to being a mom to facilitating workshops, to running the ENTIRE festival. Thank you for changing my entire being and life. This weekend I had a HUGE breakthrough in realizing my gifts. Over the weekend, so many came to me, acknowledging me for the way I move on the dancefloor. How they loved witnessing me and how I was a permission slip for them to do the same. It opened up so much in me that I’ve always wanted to be seen in that way. Years ago, it was getting drunk and dancing on the bars to be seen, and now as I explore consciousness, I find myself in ecstatic dance communities allowing myself to completely let loose to allow others to do the same. I want people to feel what I feel when I dance; I want everyone to connect to their power, sensuality, their bodies, and souls. So I feel like it’s my calling to now step into more of a performer light as this feels scary and exciting at the same time. Thank you for all you do for the world; I love you, I see you, I feel you, I am you. Love you, sister,  ~  Kelsey

This is my second time attending Sol Y Luna. The venue is always well-manicured and pristine. I love the lagoon and lounging areas! The performances are great energy and beautiful! Each added to the vibration of that day’s experiences. Workshops are eye-opening and insightful as the crowd of strangers transforms into a community of connection and love. Coming back, I got to see familiar faces and make new friends. The experience creates a bond of a lifetime! Step into the portal and surrender! ~ C.H.

Sol y Luna is an event that challenges you to grow and heal spiritually, physically, and emotionally. The people who organize and attend are focused on offering safe spaces to explore shadows, explore blockages, and encourage transformations that change lives. Whether you seek to heal childhood wounds, improve sensual and sexual energy, or become more authentic, the workshops cater to all of it! I attended with my husband, and we loved the people we met because of how kind and authentic everyone was; we were allowed and held space for us to be vulnerable, and we learned so much about increasing our sexual and emotional connection. We are definitely going back. Thank you, Lucia, for your vision. We feel so grateful to have found this community. See you next year! ~ Leslie E.

I came to make a deep connection, and you all created a container that allowed for a richly playful space that felt safe.~Hans M.

I was honored to be part of a conscious connective community that formed a sacred safe container. In this space, I could explore my relationship with my body and yoni and begin to heal the disconnection in my sacral chakra. I journey within where I met myself, my true beloved, so I can then meet another. I experienced the embodiment of my sexual blueprint of Energetics, Kink, and Sensuality–the different workshops allowed me to explore and experience pathways to my pleasure and juicy connection. ~Claudine C.

Sol Y Luna expanded my heart and uplifted my soul. I can be very picky about where I feel safe enough to be sexy or to reveal my vulnerability. I felt supported to do so without any pressure. Thank you! ~ Francesca G.

I’ve done a lot of different spiritual workshops, and this was curated very well. The safe container was well preserved by shared values that were consistent. The presenters were thorough and thoughtful and facilitated deep heart openings that made me ripe for all experiences. I feel immense gratitude and love for the community we shared together. I feel anchored in a loving presence and availability I hope will stay with me forever. You have opened a doorway to a community and love I will cherish always. ~James C.

Sol y Luna festival was a deep dive into conscious BDSM and tantra kink for me! As a bodyworker and coach, practicing tantra and BDSM only privately before, I was inspired to expand my practice and share more with the world. ~Heather H

Day 1 and 1 workshop in, and I found such deep healing for my wounded teenager. The first night of the festival, my yoni experienced an awakening I had no idea she was capable of. The days kept improving as I was met with such love, friendship, family, and acceptance. I was attending with my fiance. He found the path to heal some extremely deep wounds from a very abusive childhood. We got to not only witness this healing in each other, but we got to BE the healer for each other. The kind of love created within that space is like something I didn’t know existed in this world. After the festival was over and we made it home, the gifts kept coming. I have experienced a third eye-opening, creativity beyond belief (it changes how I work as a tantra practitioner). I am a changed woman from this festival. I have overcome my issues with my relationships with women. I have uplifted my tantra work and personal spiritual practices. The fear of being seen has left me. If anyone is on the fence, push them over! Their life will never be the same, which is beautiful. ~Casaundra H.

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