I like to define myself as energy that walks at the service of the earth and the source so we can remember together the origin of the voice of our sexual energy.

Since 2003 I have walked several holistic schools such as kundalini yoga, shamanism, tantra, sacred sexuality, energy healing tools, ecopsychology, primal dance, kundalini activation, systemic / family constellations, postgraduate in trauma, channeling, tantric massage, with loving great masters that the greatest gift they gave me was been a medium for me, to create my own voice: Shamanic Tantra, karaku5r: a system that mainly activates codes working with six bodies, so that we can live existence understanding that we are portals of energy consciousness, this allows us to heal/remember the truth of our connect and creative humanity.

I don’t want to be looked at as a teacher; I am an eternal apprentice within life who trusts and surrenders to the great spirit, to that great mystery of which we are part.

I am a medium to remember together.

For More Info Visit:  https://www.tantrashamanic.com/

Ig @raquelortiz2909