Lucia Gabriela helps individuals and couples to master their life, relationships, and intimacy with themselves and others.

As a Trauma-Informed Relationship and Intimacy Coach, Lucia Gabriela creates a sacred and safe space for individuals and couples to build conscious relationships and meaningful intimacy in their life. 

As a Trauma-Informed Emotional Somatic Therapist and Tantra Facilitator, Lucia Gabriela specializes in and works with individuals whose journey is to liberate themselves from emotional and sexual traumas. She helps them reclaim their creative power, body, voice, sensuality, and sexuality and welcomes pleasure into their lives, creations, and relationships. 

As a Trauma-Informed Therapeutic Kink Practitioner and TantriKink Creator, Lucia Gabriela fuses the power of Tantra and Kink/BDSM to help clients connect with their body wisdom, discover their erotic archetypes, and master their erotic energy. For Kink/BDSM experiences, Lucia Gabriela provides her community dungeon space, Sarasota Dark Temple.

As a Trauma-Informed Event Producer, Lucia Gabriela is the founder of Sacred Love Temple (Tantric Shamanic Community & Events), Sarasota Dark Temple (Conscious Kink/BDSM Community & Events), and Sol y Luna Tantric Shamanic Festival. 

As a Trauma-Informed Intimacy Expert, Lucia Gabriela is the founder of Nuna Holistic Retreat Center, where she specializes in emotional and sexual healing offerings, and co-teacher of the Tantric Shamanic Somatic Healing, TSSH™ Certification Trainings.

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