Star (Laryssa Neel), LMT, RP, YTT, is a Licensed Energetic Bodyworker, specializing in Attunements: Helping individuals and groups reconnect to their Body’s voice and establish a harmonious relationship with the Mind.

Founder of Journey to Bliss, LLC and currently based between Orlando-Miami, she offers a range of in-person and virtual modalities that create magical, safe spaces for you to shift into a deeper self-awareness whereby exposing, healing, reprogramming and embodying a happier, more authentic expression of YOU!

Her unapologetic expression is the result of long and patient inner-work inspired by her Journey for freedom. Guided by the wisdom of her teachers and mentors, she embarked on her head-first-self-love-healing journey in 2012. She has since become a Certified Yoga-Guide, Reiki Practitioner and a Licensed Massage Therapist. Her path has inspired her to empower 100’s of clients and students, and she desires to continue travelling the world Facilitating Transformational Events like Ecstatic Dance, Attunements, Reiki, Embodiment Create-Shops, Yoga & Meditation, teas and herbal treats!

“Movement Medicine changed my life. I’ve never felt so liberated from a single practice before and I know I Am Here to share it!”

Each week, Star hosts a FREE, beginner-encouraged yoga sesh on IG live at 1230P EST.

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