I fell in love with Tantra Yoga over 15 years ago (in 2008), and it gradually became a lifestyle and my spiritual path. It helped me transform and beautify every aspect of my life. 

As a Tantra Yoga teacher, I have been leading courses, workshops, conferences, classes, and private sessions for the past nine years, both physically and online.
I trained in Europe, the U.S.A., and India and am certified by the U.S. Yoga Academy and Atman – the International Federation of Yoga and Meditation. 

I practice daily and teach weekly, but more than anything, I am dedicated to consistently enriching my knowledge in this field. I travel to retreats and trainings worldwide for my own growth and inspiration and to elevate my practices so I can deliver the most special teachings to you. 

All I want is to share this powerful practice with Women, Men, and Couples so they can feel more connected to their divine essence, from which they can draw the power to master and beautify their own lives. 

I am passionate about touching people’s hearts by helping them discover the wisdom and blessings of the Tantra Yoga system. I am dedicated to helping people grow spiritually; and amplify joy, love, and awareness, together with finding their divine purpose in life.