Founder of Yoni Wanderland, Sexual Wellness Advocate & Educator

Along with an entrepreneurial soul, Nathalia Gilek always had a passion for the creative and spiritual world. From a very young age, she always seemed to intermingle both things very naturally, and although not totally clear and defined at the time, Nathalia always knew she had something special to offer to the world. With a background in Business Administration and over 10 years in the corporate world, Nathalia learned to apply her skills to create a sustainable and conscious-driven business upon discovering powerful healing tools that helped her emerge in sexual healing and awakening through self-exploration practices.

Nathalia founded Yoni Wanderland with the intention to help women get in touch with their creative power by deepening their connection to their sexual essence and experiencing their true desires. Her mission is to bring awareness to a woman’s most sacred space (yoni) and spread the consciousness that sexual energy is not just about sex; it is the foundation of life itself! 

Nathalia now dedicates her hours to teaching workshops about Yoni Eggs and Yoni Wands and has developed her own Yoni Mastery program where she guides women in their Yoni Egg Practices using key movements & meditation techniques to tone and awaken the yoni to radiate overall wellbeing from the inside out. Nathalia also facilitates immersion experiences helping individuals awaken and connect with their erotic energy using the senses.

Free of dyes, phthalates, chemical-laden plastics, and jelly rubbers, her line of Intimate Gemstones is hand-carved from pure, 100% GIA certified crystals shaped and polished to a silky and smooth texture making it a safe and natural choice to use it both internally and externally.