Natalya Krayeva is Intimacy & Tantra Coach.

She helps business women to cultivate their femininity and create meaningful relationships through conscious intimate connection with themselves. 

Over 12 years of discovery, Natalya perfected coaching techniques to help women and men raise energy and reclaim inner power, slow down aging progress, heal traumas, increase libido and sexuality, and stay healthy and connected to their bodies.

Natalya has become an expert in Intimacy Coaching, Tantra, Yoga, Sexology, Shamanism, and Hypnotherapy as a method of psychotherapy for the correction of sexual disorders and dysfunctions. She blends psycho-technologies and somatic practices from ancient traditions and modern science for deeper transpersonal development. 

Natalya is a founder of “Secret Feminine Power,”- an educational and practical anatomy-based coaching program for women to increase their Femininity. Where they go on a 6-week journey of rediscovery of their own body and intimacy, strengthening intimate muscles, increasing libido and sensuality, leveling up female well-being, and attracting love and health in their life.

For over ten years, she has been a part of “Connection Coalition,” a non-profit organization, where she creates and teaches after-school yoga programs for kids in inner-city schools and teenage girls and women in rehab centers and safe houses.

Natalya also teaches group classes in partnership with established studios and festivals of South Florida: “Tantra Studios” in Miami, “Fireflies Festival,” and “Sol y Luna: Tantric-Shamanic Festival.”

Some of her workshops are:

– “Reclaim Your Power: Tantric-Shamanic Workshop.” – 

– “Pleasure Principles: Intimate Muscles Fitness” – fun, educational, and practical anatomy-based workshop for men and women for greater intimate well-being.

– “Feminine and Masculine in the Relationships.” 

– “Ecstatic Dance: Dance of Freedom.”

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