Misha Love is an embodied Spirit soul, a 500-hour Bhakti yoga teacher, herbalist, medicine person, and Sacred ceremonialist. Their passion is crafting beautiful containers with the aid of Spirit to facilitate the natural flow of magic and personal ascension into sovereignty through intuitive movement and somatic release; liberating the mind and body from unprocessed trauma. They believe each person has the answers they seek within and channels experiences that allow the inner voice to shine through. As a devoted student of the Earth, Misha works with subtle energy magic and plant medicines to elevate and inspire the collective consciousness. Their purpose in this incarnation is to serve the anchoring of the New Earth, reawaken Sacred Sexuality, and a reunion with Mother Gaia. Recalling our inherent divinity and the gift of the human experience, they are here to invoke a remembrance within.
Misha Love presents at SOL Y LUNA  an intimate rope performance. They love all things EXPRESSION! They believe the art of shibari is a tool for deeper levels of connection, providing their bottoms the space to tap into the ever-flowing fields of Eros. Misha and Prana are partners, lovers and share their rope connection to inspire others. Can’t wait to see you there!!!