Michelle Alva created The ALVA Method (stands for Activate Love Vibrate Abundance), a process of self-discovery that integrates both modern science and ancient wisdom practices to educate and empower individuals on how to activate their innate healing power and hormone of love. She works with men, women, and couples, teaching them how to have the best sex of their life, and teaches the science of love and emotional resilience with NLP (NeuroLinguistic Programming, Tantra, Sound Healing, and Aromatherapy). Michelle’s approach guides individuals to live heart and soul-guided. Michelle healed years of chronic pelvic pain due to sexual trauma. Today, she is on a mission to empower us to recover from the inside out w the Yoni Power and Orgasmic Abundance Online Program for women and Deeper Connection: Intro To Tantra for Couples.¬†Michelle lives in Key Biscayne, Fl, and works via zoom and in person. In addition, she offers monthly group classes and retreats.