Marc Anthony Chiaramonte Tantric Practitioner, Coach, Podcaster, Facilitator of Transforming Cellular Memory.

Marc seeks expression of his unique gifts through creating safe spaces for healing and transformation; through curiosity and being adventurous; he fuels his vision of a healed world. Unfortunately, Marc buried his sensitivity as a child living in a chaotic, unsafe environment. This disconnection created shame, objectification of women, and a denial of his authentic truth. His relationships reflected the lack of deep intimate love, choosing unaligned partners, and hiding his deep insecurities.

His journey to wholeness started with heartbreak, leading him to psychotherapy, where he began to uncover and heal the deep wounds of his childhood. Over the years, he has participated, trained, and been certified in numerous modalities such as Psychodrama (group dynamics), Deep cellular transformation, Tantra (sacred sexuality), Inner child and shadow work, Breathwork, Leadership Development, and Integration.

He is a highly sought-after international coach that guides individuals and couples to achieve intimacy, alignment, and confidence. He is also an entrepreneur and co-host of the Breakthrough the Ordinary podcast.