Kaheal is an empowerment coach, fire ceremonialist, international DJ, and, most of all, father to his 12-year-old daughter, Monarch Icis. He is the founder and master of ceremonies to “Fire Flies Forest.” Fire Flies Forest is an empowerment gathering held to light the fire within. He also currently is the stuart of a 20-acre paradise located in Homestead, FL called “H’OM.” At H’OM, he produces an array of mindful events.

Experienced in the art of Fire spinning, costume design, lighting, music, and creating theatrical interactive art performances, For Everything from large festivals – such as burning man, summit at sea, and PTTOW to private events worldwide.

Kaheal has worked with the element of fire for over 15 years. He has gathered and cultivated a community of fire spinners, performers, and artists to create experiences that are a mix of art performance ritual and ceremony, which he calls Prayformances. From conducting fire ceremonies to prayforming with fire, he has become a master of the flame.