James Stevenson’s passion is to help call forth our human potential and soul. His weave brings together more than 20 years of experience in techniques, practices, and information from the cutting edge of Neuroscience, Tantra, Biodanza, Shamanic & Energy Work, Integral theory, and Taoist practices to create a spirituality that is rooted in the body. His evolutionary approach is to work on all lines, levels, states, and parts of ourselves in bringing forth our fullest potential.

He is the founder of Awaken as Love – a mystery school offering different training levels and international Tantra Festivals. His meditation and tantra work draws on many different traditions and paths he has studied, from Kashmir Shaivism, Baul mysticism, Advaita Vedanta, Vajrayana Buddhism, Integral systems, and Neo-tantra. His shamanic work includes being Vision Quest rites of passage guide, holding Sweatlodge Ceremonies as well as Sacred Cacao Rituals. He has been dancing Biodanza since 2003 and now works as a teacher and a didactic teacher (qualified to teach other teachers in Biodanza Schools). www.awakenaslove.com


Taina Ixchel is a Shamanic and Tantric Power Priestess, International Teacher, Coach, and Awaken As Love Facilitator (www.awakenaslove.com). She helps people become more powerful and magnetic by creating deeper connections with themselves and others so that they can have more fulfilling lives. In addition to being a medicine woman, Taina has a Master’s Degree, is an International Tantric Teacher, a certified Energetic Relationship Practitioner, Holistic Health and Wellness Coach, and a Theta Healing Practitioner. She’s been practicing Tantra for over ten years since she was initiated into one-on-one esoteric training with a Master who told her it was her destiny to teach this Love. For over five years, Taina has been teaching Tantra, hosting workshops, retreats, and training in the U.S. and beyond. She also facilitates regular Red Tent: Sacred Priestess Circles to support womxn and embody the Divine Feminine. Taina also offers private empowerment life coaching and Tantric or medicine healing sessions. Taina embodies pleasure and play as a path to healing, freedom, and living a joyful life and specializes in helping others express their highest, most loving, and expansive selves. It’s time for us all to live our fullest expressions. For the greatest good for all. Find out about upcoming events and book your Discovery Call at www.PowerPriestess.com