My intimacy, life and relationship coaching is a fusion of over 18 years of experience, practice and study. As a certified IIN Health-life Coach, Tantra educator, Reiki Master, Embodiment and Trauma release Counselor and practicing Buddhist, I guide individuals, couples and groups to more fulfilling depths of intimacy. In my quest to become self-actualized and live an optimized life, I have gathered and downloaded different spiritual practices that I offer in my heartfelt service to you. 

The sessions, workshops and immersions, are a combination of breath- and energy work, meditation, mindfulness, visualizations, movement, sacred ritual, sacraments, deep interpersonal connection, emotional release work, conscious communication, de-armouring and trauma release work, psychological components, sound healing, sense activation, inner child and ancestral work and spiritual experiences that can transform your life and take you to the next level of consciousness and well being. It is a mystical experience that works!

I have supported thousands of clients to revive stuck relationships, starting with the relationship with oneself. I have witnessed my clients’ marriages magically transform and non-salvageable relationships consciously and lovingly complete, diseases of body, mind and spirit and heartbreak overcome, new possibilities explored and sacred bonds formed.  I have guided countless people out of their inner isolation and assisted them to re-integrate their bodies, mind and spirits in the inner and outer worlds.

The coaching journeys and body awakening work, infuses more passion into your life with intimacy, spirituality and finding back to wholeness. 

Clients have shared feeling more alive and filled with love, at peace in their spirits, healthy in their bodies after the sessions. Relieved of anxiety, depression, low self-esteem and improved connections with themselves and others. Under my guidance they are nurtured in their heart, feel more connected within and in their outer lives, experience enhanced and ecstatic bliss in intimacy with all their relations previously unattained. 

I love what I do and you can feel it!