Ekaterina Abramova – artist, painter, spiritual researcher, and art healer.

She is a multifaceted artist whose style could be described as going in two major directions: 21st-century Post-Expressionism and Spiritual Ornamental paintings, drawing on the symbolic folk art of various peoples.

Twenty years in the professional art field; founder of the spiritual center SkaSka Goa, India; author of the project Portrait Of Dream; and creator of several unique workshops and courses: Art and Meditation, Paint Your Dream,  Main Goddesses Archetypes, Balance Between Masculine and Feminine, and others. 

Ekaterina works with powerful ancient symbols and mythology from different countries and cultures, reuniting people with their ancestral knowledge. 

Some art curators call her “Joseph Campbell on canvas.” 

Born in 1979 in Moscow, Russia.

In 2007 she received her MFA from the, I.E., Repin State Academy of Fine Arts, St. Petersburg, Russia. Her numerous awards include the Gold Medal “250th anniversary of the Russian Academy of Arts”.

She has had many personal exhibitions of her art all over Europe, Russia, India, China, and the USA. Her works are in the Eileen S. Kaminsky Family Foundation Permanent Collection, New York, NY, USA, as well as in private collections in the UK, France, Germany, Russia, Belgium, Finland, Italy, Switzerland, China, India, and UAE.

She lives and works in Miami, Florida.

Learn more at www.instagram.com/artabramova