Colleen Tyler is a certified yoga teacher (Kundalini, Hatha-Raja, and Acro Yoga), Rei Ki Practitioner, conscious bellydancer, green and star witch, shamanic ally, and tantrika. She is also a dream walker and a tracker.

She has been studying the occult traditions and nature spirituality throughout her life, infusing her experience into serving the community in sacred Bellydancing, drum circles, shamanic ceremonies, assisting in sweat lodges and plant medicine ceremonies, nature and body reunification, red and white tantra events, yoga, energy healing, womb clearing and reclamation, community unification ceremonies and more.

Colleen has also assisted in birthing, raising, and caring for children and dying and is trained to assist souls lost between worlds.

She is a former actress and now utilizes the art for its healing capacity amongst children and adults.

Colleen has assisted children in relating to the Earth and being human, developing their intuition and sense of security, self-expression, and imagination, emotions, NVC, connection to Spirit, dreaming and dream walking, health, yoga, and meditation.

She is CPR and first aid certified and a former volunteer EMT. She has Marine Corps and Naval training in wilderness survival, weaponry, self-defense, warfare tactics and formation, Terrestrial navigation, leadership, and teamwork. ColleenĀ is a multidimensional being here on Earth to remember, love, serve and continue expanding with All Relations.